0.006 Site_Observation

The following site observation was beneficial to understand the different pedestrian systems that will connect to the future Desoto recreational park. The different vectors show the topographic change that a pedestrian user will experience along the way when approaching the site. At the same time, they show the different urban elements and the transition of enclose and open space that would be perceived. It is clear that in many of the vectors there are elements that will block the free pedestrian locomotion and these will have to be modified for the park’s benefit.

In some points along the vectors, it is evident that the park is not seen at distance. This could be as obvious as being too far away from it and in some cases it was due to the topography of the area or other urban elements that were blocking the view to the park. This creates an opportunity for the design of an infrastructure that could be seen over a long distance or to implement a repetitive element in the vector that could attract the users to the park.

In addition to this, I found that there are facilities around the site that can supplement parts of the project’s program requirements. For example, parking garages and public parking lots were found in serveral vectors; this could easily complement the number of parking lots that the park needs. Also, facilities such as the Capitol Complex Central Plant becomes important because of its proximity to the park. This facility could also be use for the maintenance of the park.

This plan view shows the different circulation systems (vectors) that connect to Desoto Park and the many facilities that could complement the project’s program.

The different vectors are shown below. Most of the vectors are interrupted by the strip of infrastructure conformed by the railroad and River Road. The vector 4F shows that the pedestrian circulation coming from the South to the site is totally interrupted by the lack of a walkway. The topography along this vectors is very inclined towards the river.