Ramble Park – Site Plan and Views



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LA7002 – Ramble Park

I figured I needed to update my blog. It has been a while since I last posted and wanted to share some of the final work that I did for LA7002.

The Ramble Park at the Desoto Park site.


The concept for this project was to transform the site’s batture into an interesting new built urban park to accommodate social and ecological systems. The project aims to revitalize the Mississippi shoreline, create and increase the acces of Baton Rouge’s citizens and visitors to natural resources, and specifically reconnect them to the river. The park will enhance recreational opportunities and hold public multi-use spaces for the downtown community and other users that want to experience the river batture.
The design was inspired from the idea of river meanders. They create different courses of direction that, if seen as circulation ways, represent an interesting pathway network. At the same time, the overlapping of the meanders create ambiguos areas between them where programmatic spaces or vegetation patches can be determined. The dynamic quality of the meanders was also implemented to create dynamic landscapes to enhance the experience of the park’s users. In this way, the articulation of such meanders directed the topographic elevations of the project to provide a variety of edge conditions.


The following post will show the site plan and views of the park.