[P5] Week 11 – Work in Progress

1. Entering the site


2. Driving by the site:


3. Contemplating the site



[P5] Week 10 – Progress

For project five, Montage, Juxtaposing Reality and the Image; I will develop three separated montages that will represent the site from three different perceptions or experiences.

1- Entering the site: this montage will be developed with a seriality of images that show the temporal + experiential sense of getting into the site. It will represent my own perspective and experience while I open the gate and walk through the narrow alley that takes inside the cemetery. PanoInspiration: Dowd__Patrick-LIM_Landscape_in_Motion Landscape in Motion (Eugene Oregon) by Patrick Dowd

2. Driving by the site: this montage aims to represent motion, the type of motion that is only experienced while driving a car. How is the site perceived from far away while in motion? What are the elements of the site that first call my attention while driving? How is my perception of the site distorted from motion? Motion Inspiration: motion Blurred into motion, a forest in Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania by Rachael DiSciutto

3. Contemplating the site: this montage will aim to capture the qualities of the site in a state of stasis, when the observer experiences the site while contemplating it. This montage will explore a 360 degree view of the site paying attention to the small changes that occur over a period of 5 minutes. What are the changes of light, the light or shadow reflection on materials, the colors, the movement of wildlife, etc.? Contemplation Inspiration: Topanga-Canyon-David-Hockney Topanga Canyon by David Hockney