[P1-P2] Week 6 – Progress

The images below are the most final drawings for Project 1. These drawings are both studies of the Favrot family graveyard and the Penny graveyard. The first two drawings narrate the story of these burial sites as part of the Highland Cemetery story. The lives of the families and people buried here will forever become part of the cultural + physical narrative of the site. The little we know about them will remain engraved in the physical structures that remind us of their existence in this world.

Drawing 1_semifinal Drawing2_semifinalThe next image is part of the analysis for Project 2. The drawing represents and inventory of the Fravrot graveyard, focusing on what is below and above the datum. This landscape was traced with orthographic projections that reveal the existing structures on the site in plan, section and perspective. The drawing works as an inventory of what exists in the graveyard while focusing specifically on Luis Estevan’s grave, the most predominant burial structure in the site.



Week 6 – Observation

These water color drawings I created  were inspired by Richard Wahdcock’s work. I was interested in representing the colors and feelings embedded on the landscape. I wanted to capture the effect that light had on the different elements of the landscape.  I focused in two areas of the site: the Favrot Graveyard and the Penny Graveyard.


I have been looking at Dan Slavinsky work, particularly for the Parallax project. His series of drawings from “The End of Time Bartlett, London 2010” are conceptual renders of architecture. His style is very interesting, the way he uses line weight and monochromatic colors and shades reminds me of old maps. He uses science-fiction motives to create these creative and original drawings of architectural plans, section, and perspectives.

034 Carnelian Pipe slavinsky_1 slavinsky